MOR Finance Ballarat - Facilitating close working relationships between you and the lenders


Secure competitive, balanced finance for your personal or business needs


Housing finance
Tap into MOR Finance expertise to ensure you have the balance right with your housing finance. Price, flexibility, redraw and interest offset are some of the matters to consider around purchasing a house, refining existing facilities or freeing up home equity for other projects.

Business funding and finance
Business will forever present opportunity and volatility. Finance at the right time can take your business to a new level or serve as a critical cashflow injection. MOR has extensive experience in obtaining business funding for our clients. Liaison with lenders, preparation of applications and budgets and assistance with cash flow management is an integral part of finance analysis. We have established relationships with Banks and Financial Institutions, First Mortgage Lenders, Industry Financiers, Merchant Banks and Rural Finance Corporation.

Equipment finance
Utilising the correct type of finance that is applicable to your needs, especially regarding GST treatment, is vital. MOR Finance has extensive contacts and experience in lease, hire purchase and chattel mortgage finance.



Housing Finance

  • House purchase
  • Refinance existing purchases
  • Freeing up home equity for other projects

Business funding and finance

  • Financial analysis
  • Liaison with lenders
  • Preparation of applications and budgets
  • Assistance with cash-flow management

Equipment finance

  • Lease
  • Hire purchase
  • Chattel mortgage finance